Laguna de Cuicocha

Yoga and Hiking Retreat Ecuador July 2023

… an invitation to connect with your balance

Ecuador is a beautiful and diverse country that has given its name to the Middle of the World. The Andes mountains here are magnificently peaceful. This place has inspired us to create a travel experiance for people looking to connect deeply with themselves and nature.

This yoga and hiking experience includes daily meditation or asana practice, as well as one trip each day. In order to sign up, travelers must have good physical conditioning and prepare in advance for the altitude at the mountains.

We will stay at Hacianda Loma Tika, located between the colorful towns of Otavalo and Cotacachi. This lodge has amazing views of the sorrounding mountains. There is an organic garden and lots of outdoor space. Chimneys everywhere create a cozy environment, rooms have a private bathroom.

The itinerary includes 4 amazing hikes and 5 asana practices. Our intention is to connect with Pachamama by spending a lot of time outdoors. Each hike we will do represents an element; air, water, fire or earth. Each yoga class will flow with the qualities of these different energies. The last full day, once your body becomes more acclimated to the elevation, we visit the refuge at Cotopaxi, one of the most beautiful active volcanoes in the world.

We will celebrate the Full Moon, as an opportunity to connect with others and celebrate the energy of abundance. The Ecuadorean Andes are the closest place to the Sun, so to honor this the retreat is very active, fire-driven and great for activating Manipura Chakra.

If you are the kind of person that enjoys nature and movement, this travel experience is for you.

Familiarity with the practice of yoga is required yet, beginners are welcome to sign up.


Save your spot with the group guided in English (July 1st-8th 2023) with $100 via Paypal.

Yoga teacher: Valeria Livergood from Serendipia Yoga & Wellness @serendiapia_yoga_wellness


«Back in 2011 I fell in love with the Andes when I travelled to Ecuador for the first time. Since, I’ve returned many times to recharge my energies in the Middle of the World.

To me the mountains are a place of peace and healing. You respect them and they protect you. Going as high as your body allows brings you a great reward that my words have not yet leaned to describe.

I invite you to join me on this transformative experience meant to reconnect with ourselves and with Pachamama».




  • Day 1- Saturday July 1st. Arrival at the Hacienda. Opening ceremony and meditation.
  • Day 2- Sunday July 2nd. Yoga class Earth Element. Visit and donation to the local community. Gratitude ceremony honoring the local traditions. Easy waterfall hike to acclimate.
  • Day 3- Monday July 3rd. Yoga class Water Element. Hiking around Cuicocha volcanic lake. Visit to Cotacachi. Full Moon meditation.
  • Day 4- Tuesday July 4th. Yoga class Fire Element. Trip to the Middle of the World, Teleferiqo and Quito Historical Center.
  • Day 5- Wednesday July 5th. Mojanda lake trip. Yoga practice on site (Air Element). Hike up to Fuya Fuya’s summit. Ceremony by the fire at night.
  • Day 6- Thursday July 6th. Yoga class Four Elements. Visit to Plaza de los Ponchos and Otavalo. Night meditation and pranayama practice.
  • Day 7- Friday July 7th. Cotopaxi full day trip. Closing ceremony and meditation.
  • Day 8- Saturday July 8th. Transfer to Quito airport (UIO) in the morning.


8-day package: $685*

*The 8-day package includes lodging in double bedroom, breakfast every day, trips to waterfall, Cuicocha, Mojanda, Quito, Otavalo and Cotopaxi, coffee and tea, yoga clases, 5 dinners at the Hacienda. Transfers from Mariscal Sucre airport (UIO): we will pick up travelers arriving prior to 12:00PM on July 1st. There will be only one transfer from the airport to the Hacienda and one transfer from the Hacienda to the airport. This package does not include airplane tickets, meals at restaurants, entrance fees to attractions nor additional transfers to/from airport.


  • Participants must train at least 4 months prior to the retreat and be in good physical condition. The hikes at high elevation mountains are challenging.
  • Participants must be acquainted with the values of yoga and, practice with respect to the tradition.
  • Punctuality for activities and practices.
  • Proof of travel insurance is mandatory in order to sign up for the retreat.


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  1. The July 2022 Yoga & Hiking Retreat in Ecuador was my 2nd retreat with Vale. The experience was beyond epic and empowering. The hikes were gorgeous and challenging and left me feeling like I could accomplish anything. I had a blast visiting the equator and the various other tourist attractions a part of the retreat. And Vale is an incredible yoga teacher–I look forward to attending more of her retreats in the future! This retreat had everything I could ask for–adventure, relaxation, and stunning sights. Don’t miss out on this experience!

    1. Thank you so much, Erika! It was an honor to have someone like you participate and bring such wonderful energy into the retreat. Namaste

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